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quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2015

A possible replacement for hard-to-find MV Lenses ??

      Thanks to my wife (who loves making crafts and scrapbook), I found a possible substitute for hard-to-find MV Lenses: Something called Rhinestone Clear Flat. Are little pieces of mirrored acrylic, similar to the MVlenses...
Rhinestone Clear Flat
transparent and in colors
      They are self-adhesive and come different diameters and colors... The type "flat - dome" is smooth, which are the most suitable. 

- Do not use the faceted parts. Not look good as headlights...

- Do not use the semi-spherical lenses:

- Use the flat lenses:

The uses;

      I bought with 2, 3 and 4 mm in diameter ... some smaller in red, blue, green and yellow, for taillights ... are inexpensive and very beautiful ...I do not know about the durability of them, but seem fantastic ...

      I found this product with this vendor
I have no interest or connection with this seller
I am publishing the address to help colleagues...

If you find other sources, please send the adress to me ...

Good hunt !!